Krugerrand Gold Coin Investment Information

Investors and coin collectors interested in gold coins should pay particular attention to the Krugerrand, which is a South African gold coin that was first minted in 1967 with the objective of marketing South African gold.

The name Krugerrand is derived from the word Kruger who is the man that is symbolized on the gold coin, and the word rand which is the South African unit for currency.

With that being said, the Kurgerrand was one of the most popular gold coins to have ever been made, and it soon accounted for over 90% of the gold coins on the gold market with over 46 million ounces of Krugerrad gold coins sold.

This gold coin is considered to be one of the most popular choices among the gold coin collectors of today, and they are highly sought after in the market.

While there are many different Krugerrand gold coins that are made with the symbol of Paul Krugerrand on them, the South African mint company has also capitalized on the gold coin market by creating limited edition Krugerrand gold coins as well. These coins tend to be a bit higher in value in comparison to the original ones, and are priced above the bullion value.

Non-proof gold coins also exist, and are also placed above the bullion value on the market. Some of the more enthusiastic collectors will generally consider attaining more of the specialized limited edition coins for collecting purposes; however, those who are interested in investing in gold will generally want to defer to investing in the original gold coins that are available.

Those who are looking for Krugerrand gold coins will find that they are approximately 32.6 mm in diameter, and also 2.74 mm thick.

They weight approximately 1 oz (1.0909 oz), and is made from 91.67% pure gold. The gold coin contains one troy ounce of gold with the remainder of the weight replaced with copper. Interestingly, the copper mixed in with the gold gives the gold coin an orange tint rather than a white tint found in most of the other gold coins that have silver filler. The benefit of using copper in this case is that copper is considered to be more durable in comparison to silver, and the Krugerrand gold coin is more prone to resisting scratches and dents allowing it to last longer looking as if it was in mint condition.

This allows them to be easily sold and bought in many countries, and it is much easier to maintain in comparison to the other gold coins on the market.

The value of the average Krugerrand gold coin at the moment is around 1802.47 USD per ounce when being bought in stores. The average price that collectors are able to sell the gold coin is at around 1705.47 USD per ounce. It is a fairly good investment for many different reasons, and the buyback price is not that much lower than the purchasing price when premiums are put into consideration.

The Krugerrand is considered to be one of the most durable investments on the market, and those interested in these gold coins will easily be able to find what they are looking for.

They are amazing in the sense that they have great value to them, and are one of the easiest gold coins to maintain without the fear of denting or scratching it.