How to Ride the Commodities Bull During the Holidays

As long as the world’s central banks keep interest rates at these very low levels, the speculative interest in commodities will be strong, and so will their prices. Since only minor central banks yet show signs of moving rates, the commodities bull market has much further to run.

The commodities bull has already run a long way. Since Jan. 1, gold is up 20%, silver is up 50%, copper is up 100%, oil is up 110%, coal is up 90% and iron ore is up 60%. In a year of deep recession – with the exception of wimpy gold (which did not decline as much in 2018, because all the monetary “stimulus” made people fear inflation) – that’s a pretty good run.

So don’t believe who—what—where—when and why in the world economy is improving! Don’t be those who peered into the darkness of the unknown and found the lonely bones of those who, reaching before, have found their hand empty and their lives destroyed. You think the barbarians are a thing of the past? Well, think again. Robbing people of their hopes and dreams of prosperity is downright barbaric.

Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan destroyed villages and towns in the Dark Ages… But today the dirty tricks of Wall Street institute U.S. and European Union (EU) regulators are vowing to step up scrutiny on the size and volume of commodity market bets as debate continues to rage about whether excessive speculation is driving up prices on energy, metals and agricultural products.

In an unprecedented rush, investors have pushed a total of $121.2 billion into commodities since the beginning of 2009, according to Barclays Capital. Hedge funds, pension funds and mutual funds in the United States have boosted their positions on oil, silver, corn and wheat to record highs in 2020.

In some commodities, the number of futures contracts outstanding now far outpaces the numbers traded in mid-2008, when commodity market prices shattered records. As a result, regulators in the United States and Europe are considering proposals on how to prevent the so-called speculators from manipulating the markets.

Whether you win or lose on your Americas-related investments in 2011 will come down to a single factor – natural-resource prices. “The prices of oil, gold, copper and other natural resources will go higher due to the hideous flaws in the economies. And Ben Bernanke’s pro-inflation policy is a recipe for disaster.

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